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Mysore city which is also known as city of palaces could also be the choice of the visitor as there are various majestic temples, beautiful gardens and magnificent palaces could be easily seen by the visitors as this place. Along with its beautiful sights there are various festivals are also celebrated here which enhances the beauty and attraction of this place. Karnataka is also known as the second most clean city of our country and also along with that it is also popularly known worldwide for its silk and sandalwood due to which it is also known as the sandalwood city.
Shiva temple which is founded in 1944 is situated near to the airport road and it was founded by the renowned author, philanthropist and singer R.V.M. The idol of the lord Shiva prepared here is 65 feet tall and marble paste is used for the preparation of it. Along with the statue of the Lord Shiva there is also a 32 feet tall statue of the Lord Ganesha. This temple is roofless to provide the idol of the Lord Shiva to sit under the sky. The Shiva sat here is facing Manasarovar and various artees are scheduled at this place. Devotees use to sing bhajans and chants mantra as they believe that it could easily fulfil all of their wishes. This temple is always opened for the visitors and the light and sound effects conducted in this temple enhances the beauty of this temple. This place is considered as one of the best place to visit in Mumbai city.

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